Introduction to the Make It Happen Membership

and welcome from Sophie


Experience your business journey in a brand new way.

Being a solopreneur can be super lonely.

Friends and family (who aren't playing in the arena themselves) think you’re crazy, particularly if you've left the security of your 9–5 job for the the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship.

Self-doubt, procrastination, lack of planning and being disconnected means many of your great ideas never even see the light of day.

Founded by Sophie Clyde-Smith, Business Coach and fellow femxle solopreneur, this membership was created to solve these core challenges femxle solopreneurs face: loneliness and accountability.

My goal is to empower and support you to turn your business dreams into a reality. It is my PASSION and mission to see you succeed - because I know that in doing so, I'm helping you help others. And in turn, those people will help other people.. and the beautiful cycle will go on.

Plus, I have experienced the personal benefits first hand of building a successful business and I LOVE helping other womxn experience this too.

Together we will all MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Let's get down to business...

Let me be clear - this is not a content heavy membership. Sure, I will be sharing exclusive masterclasses on hand-picked subjects that have been recorded especially for you.

BUT, after coaching for over four years and helping countless womxn authentically grow their businesses, I know I can help you get the biggest RESULTS by providing you with ACCOUNTABILITY and STRUCTURE.

You don't need a million other worksheets, reams of website pages or to buy that online course.... you need someone to hold your hand/ give you a kick up the ass to start taking ACTION.

And this membership has been specifically designed to do this.

"Having the support gives you so much motivation and confidence in what you're working towards. If you don't know where you want to get to how can you consciously make decisions about how to invest your time and energy now? Seriously powerful stuff guys! "

Nicki Coe - Coach and Co-Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency


The backbone of this membership is our

MONDAY CHECK-IN; our weekly group meeting where you celebrate the wins from last week, gain clarity on the week ahead and network with your fellow femxle solopreneurs.

Yes you've heard correctly, a weekly meeting hosted by Sophie, your host and cheerleader.

Get ready to be held accountable to your goals, have a space to voice your concerns/ questions and build a practice of self-celebration.


The heart of this membership is its community. In modern times, thanks to Covid, it is so hard to meet like-minded womxn on their entrepreneurial journeys. Yet connecting and collaborating with others is KEY to your success.

Not only will the community offer you support and love, you will be massively INSPIRED by what everyone else is doing. Get ready for your creative ideas to flourish as your fellow members help cross-pollinate your business world.

Big Picture

Alongside our weekly Monday check-in, every month I will host a dedicated WORKSHOP to help with the bigger picture stuff.

This workshop will help you to zoom out, connect to your vision, address any limiting beliefs, and make sure you're on track.

The insights from these monthly workshops will then be used as your guiding star for the week to week and day by day work that needs to be done.

Get ready to have DIRECTION and momentum.

Exclusive Discounts

When you join this membership you become part of my inner circle. I like to look after my inner circle and so Make It Happen Members will get an exclusive 10% discount for any 1:1 support they get from me. Plus, first-access to any programmes and events I run at early-bird prices.


Like I said, this is not a content heavy membership. But, for those who want to dive in deeper, I have a number of exclusive BONUS masterclass recordings on the subjects of confidence, digital marketing, sales and more.

I will also share relevant and trusted resources to keep you moving forward.

Connection & Collaboration

In memberships like this you could meet a business partner, collaborate on an event or even find clients!

Plus, I'm a CONNECTOR so I will be opening up my little black book of contacts so you can get some tried and tested recommendations for your biz - or find them in this group!

Who is this membership for?


You are a femxle solopreneur.

Whether you're right at the beginning, side-hustling or you're fully self-employed - this membership is for you.

This membership welcomes womxn with all types of businesses; service based, product based, online, offline and across all industries.

What to expect

⚡️ Monday Check-In; LIVE weekly 60-minute group call at 1pm GMT hosted by Sophie - accountability, Q&A and ideas hub. Clear takeaways and structured session. (valued at £150)

👓 Monthly LIVE big picture 2-hour workshop hosted by Sophie - connect to your bigger vision (valued at £299)

👩‍💻 Exclusive masterclasses recorded and tailored for this group (valued at £300+)

👭 Thriving facebook community to share wins, ask questions and enjoy on-the-go coaching from Sophie (connection is priceless!)

Total value of £750+ all of which you get for just £55/month (+ VAT)

⚡️Results & Transformation⚡️

Right now you may be feeling and/or experiencing some or all the following:

  • Lost and lacking direction
  • Overwhelmed and fear of failure is holding you back
  • Uncertain of how to move forward because of Covid
  • Struggling with time management
  • Self-doubt and low confidence
  • Procrastination and lack of motivation
  • Disconnected and lonely
  • Not seeing results in your business
  • Not taking action and moving towards goals
  • You're not winning new clients or feeling financially abundant
  • Your business is not thriving

🌟🌟🌟 This membership will help you 🌟🌟🌟

  • Start taking REAL action
  • Have a structured plan for each day/ week/ month
  • Build momentum in your business
  • Introduce you to new ideas and ways of doing business
  • Will help you win new clients and make new business connections
  • Come up with new ideas and bounce these off the group
  • Break free from fear of failure and start DOING things
  • Will help you FEEL good in your business again
  • Will help you reach your goals
  • Will help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Why struggle alone?

Choose a Pricing Option

"It’s amazing value for money and you have access to Sophie and the support of peers within your group – everyone wants to help each other!” Nicola, Coach

"I would absolutely recommend the programme for anyone who is feeling lost, lacking clarity, lacking confidence, focus, accountability – it really has been transformational for me. I would not hesitate – sign up and join it will change your life!" Camilla, Platter Business Owner


Make It Happen Membership

Community & accountability for female solopreneurs. Taking the 'solo' out of the solopreneur journey

  • Please note Teachable will add on VAT
  • The Monday Check-In; weekly group accountability & planning call hosted by Sophie 
  • Monthly vision & goals workshop so you can stay connected to your bigger picture
  • Access to thriving community, connections and support
  • Bonus masterclasses recorded especially for the Make It Happen group
  • Minimum 1 months membership
  • Cancel any time after 1 month
  • Renews automatically on a monthly basis

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

💜Hear what people are saying... 💜

"Really grateful for weekly group accountability & supportive check ins led by Sophie and attended by a community of inspiring women. You have achieved the impossible Sophie - I now look forward to Monday's!"

Emma - Founding Make It Happen Member, Freelance PR and Music Writer

"I highly recommend my brilliant business coach Sophie Clyde-Smith's Make It Happen Membership for all those who are self-employed. Having weekly virtual meetings with other like-minded entrepreneurs is so motivating and Sophie supports and guides us to stay on track and achieve our goals. I'm so grateful for this!

Becca - Make It Happen, Founding Member, Health Coach, Acupuncturist

"The 'Make it Happen' group has been an awe-inspiring experience, as well as a truly valuable investment. Being part of a conversant group of like minded individuals has greatly assisted me to better navigate the steps on my own side hustle journey. 

Not only do they inspire you to remain committed to your goals, they continually spur you on as your side hustle cheerleaders.

Sophie provided a space for me to dig deeper and move through the blocks I was experiencing. This has resulted in me gaining the confidence to take positive action towards my goals. I have now launched my own side hustle business and already landed 4 clients in a short space of time.

I am so grateful to Sophie for giving me the tools in order to move my business forward and provide a support platform to keep me accountable.

Forever grateful!"

Camilla, Platter Business Owner